Game Social

  • Click on the [Clan] button in the lower right corner of the Lobby to create or join a clan.
  • You are not allowed to join more than one clan at a time. (Only 1 clan is allowed per account.)
  • It is possible to share the same initials within multiple clans.
  • Clan initials must be between 2 to 4 characters either alphabets or numbers.


<How to Create a Clan>

  1. Click on the [Create Clan] button to create a clan.
  2. You can enter the Clan’s initials, name, and introduction.
  3. ou will need 200 Gems to create a clan.


<How to Join or Leave a Clan>

  1. You can copy and enter the Clan Code on the top of the window to search for and join a clan.
  2. Once you join, you can see the clan’s information.
  3. To leave, click on the [Leave] button on the bottom left of the clan information window.

  • When you tap the [Friends] menu on the left side of the Lobby, you can search for your friends’ Player Codes and add them.
    • Player Codes can be found in-game under Menu-[Settings]-[Account].
  • (Mobile) When you tap the [Send Invite] button under the search bar, you can find an invite link to send to your friends.
  •  In addition, under the Invites tab, you can also accept or refuse Friend Requests from other players.

  • A tooltip will pop up when you tap on the name of a friend you want to remove from your Friends List.
  • If you tap the [Remove Friend] button, you will be able to choose to remove that friend.
  • If you remove a friend from your Friends List, you will also be removed from that friend’s Friends List.

  • You can enjoy Smash Legends even more when you play with your friends or other people.
  • If you tap the [Invite to Team] button in the Lobby, you can make a team or join another.
  • There are two ways to make a team.
    1.  Using Team Code
      • You can tap the [Create Team Code] to create a new team,
      • or tap the [Enter Team Code] to enter a code to join a pre-existing team.
    2. Invite to Team
      • If you tap the [Friends] button on the left side of the Lobby, you can invite your friends and create teams under your Friends List.
  • (Mobile) Under the [Send Invite] button, you can share a link to invite other players to your team.

  • Join our official SMASH LEGENDS Discord server with your account.
  • Click on the 📢welcome channel's emoji to activate other channels, then enter the #gift-from-robin channel.
  • Follow the guidelines pinned on the #gift-from-robin channel to participate in the event and receive a reward after completion

  • The Invite a Friend Event's pop-up differs depending on whether you sent or received an invitation.
  • Please check here for more details about the event.
  • In order to receive the Invite a Friend Event rewards, you must meet all the conditions below.
    1. You and your friend must both connect your accounts.
    2. You and your friends must be at least Smasher Level 20.
    3. You or your friend must enter the other's Smasher Code into the Invite a Friend Event pop-up screen.
    4. The friend you invited should receive a reward from the event pop-up.
  • If you have met all the conditions, but have not received your reward, please contact Support.