Payment & Refund

  • To receive a refund, you must request for refund through SMASH LEGENDS Support.
  • Please be aware that skipping the step above by requesting a refund on the platform where you made the payment may result in limited game access.
  • However, satisfying any of the following criteria may prevent your refund from being issued, so make sure to read them below.
    1. Seven days having passed since the time of your purchase
    2. The product is partially used or missing due to a reason that can be attributed to you
    3. The product is used or applied to your account immediately after purchase
    4. The product is a temporary item that lasts for a set period
    5. The product is a gift from someone or given for free, or is given as a part of an event
    6. The product is designated by the law for transaction safety purposes

  • If you think a purchase was made using your account even though you or your child did not play the game, contact the app store where the purchase was made.
    1. Android Help
    2. Apple Support
    3. Steam Support
  • If you are redirected to contact the developer, reach us through in-game support.
  • Providing us the time and description of the incident, order number found on the receipt, and relevant screenshots along with any useful pieces of information can help us identify and resolve the problem much faster.
    1. Google (Android) Purchase History
      • You need to log in to the account that was used for purchase.
    2. Apple Purchase History
      • Select the category that best describes your issue.
    3. View Steam (PC) Purchase History
      • Press [Purchases] to check your recent purchasing history.

  • Your purchase may go through but the item(s) may not be delivered to your account due to various reasons such as connectivity issues or network issues experienced by the app store.
  • If this is your case, visit our Official Website or contact us through our in-game support and we will help you as quickly as possible.

  • If you request for a refund after using Gems, the amount of Gems may be displayed with a minus. When a refund is issued, the refunded amount of Gems is deducted from your account.
  • If you have not requested a refund, it is possible the refund automatically went through due to unprocessed payment history, deducting the Gems from your account. If this is your case, please go to the platform where you made the purchase and ask for assistance.
    1. For Google (Android) devices
      • Log in to Google (Android) Help
        • Press the [Contact us] button found at the bottom of the page and follow the instruction.
    2. For Apple devices
      • Log in to Apple Support
        • Select the category that best describes your issue.
    3. For Steam (PC)
      • Log in to Steam Support
        • Press [Purchases] to check your recent purchasing history.

  • The amount of Gems you purchased can be found under menu-[Settings]-[Others]-[Paid Currency].

  • You can play SMASH LEGENDS without having to purchase items using real-life money.