• Using the Gems or Credits earned through gameplay, you can purchase new Legends from the Shop or under Legend Details.
  • You can also get some legends as rewards through the Trophy Road.

  • As you play with your Legend, it will gain experience. Afterwards, you can use Credits to raise the level of your Legend.
  • You can find which Legends can level up in your Legends List. If you tap on a Legend that can level up and tap the [Upgrade] button on the bottom-right side of the screen, you can raise its level.
  • You can also spend gems to raise your legend's level to the maximum level at once.

  •  If you tap the [Legend] button at the bottom of the Lobby, you can find the Legends that you own. Choose the Legend you want to play, and tap the [Select] button to play as that Legend.

  • Legend Ability is where you can strengthen or alter your Legend’s skills for various play styles.
  • You can earn Legend Abilities through Legend Road, and each Legend can equip two abilities at a time.
  • You can use Credits to raise an Ability’s level up to level 5.

  • Enchantments are additional equipable upgrades that enhance a Legend's attributes respective of Legend Abilities.
  • They can be obtained through boxes, or purchased by gathering Legend Enchantment Stones for each Legend.
  • Each Legend can equip up to 2 Enchantments at a time.

  • Legend Road is where you can earn Abilities for your Legend as you gain Legend Mastery points.
  • You can gain Legend Mastery points as you win with your Legend.
  • If you buy extra roads, you can earn additional rewards such as legend's icon, skin, emoji, and more.

  • There are five ways to customize your Legend.
    1. Skins
      • You can change the appearance of your Legend.
    2. Final Blow Effects
      • You can change the effect that appears when you land the final blow on an opponent.
    3. SMASH Effects
      • You can change the effect that appears when you SMASH an opponent.
    4. Revival Trails
      • You can change the effect that appears when you revive after getting SMASH’d by an opponent.
    5. Emoji
      • You can express yourself freely while playing.

  • You can find Trophy Road on the top part of the Lobby Screen.
  • Complete Trophy Road objectives and collect trophies to earn rewards.
  • Obtain various Legends and the recently added Sponsor Support by completing achievements!

  • Sponsor is the newly added system will give you additional Credits and Legend EXP depending on the accumulated time (up to 12 hours.
  • Sponsor rewards are available every hour.
  • Watching ads will give you 4 hours of rewards immediately.
  • Purchasing Royal sponsor, your accumulation time is extended to 24 hours.