Game Social

  • When you tap the [Friends] menu on the left side of the Lobby, you can search for your friends’ Player Codes and add them.
    • Player Codes can be found in-game under Menu-[Settings]-[Account].
  • (Mobile) When you tap the [Send Invite] button under the search bar, you can find an invite link to send to your friends.
  •  In addition, under the Invites tab, you can also accept or refuse Friend Requests from other players.

  • A tooltip will pop up when you tap on the name of a friend you want to remove from your Friends List.
  • If you tap the [Remove Friend] button, you will be able to choose to remove that friend.
  • If you remove a friend from your Friends List, you will also be removed from that friend’s Friends List.

  • You can enjoy Smash Legends even more when you play with your friends or other people.
  • If you tap the [Invite to Team] button in the Lobby, you can make a team or join another.
  • There are two ways to make a team.
    1.  Using Team Code
      • You can tap the [Create Team Code] to create a new team,
      • or tap the [Enter Team Code] to enter a code to join a pre-existing team.
    2. Invite to Team
      • If you tap the [Friends] button on the left side of the Lobby, you can invite your friends and create teams under your Friends List.
  • (Mobile) Under the [Send Invite] button, you can share a link to invite other players to your team.